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  • Health Benefits of Honey

    Health Benefits of Honey

    We’ve all been told that honey is healthy, but just how healthy is it? From gut health to sore throats - we are going to cover just how beneficial honey...

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  • When does Honey Bee Season Start?...

    It's getting warmer, the days are growing longer, but where are the bees?! Here's a quick course on when honey bee season starts this year!

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    When does Honey Bee Season Start?
  • Sweet Sophia News Letter - May 2017

    Sweet Sophia News Letter - May...

    It's Finally Spring!! I have really been horrible at keeping up with the newsletters.  Business has been doing very well, so that is my excuse!  It's been a year since...

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  • Sweet Sophia July Newsletter

      Happy Birthday America!! What a crazy summer it's been so far!  After a solid month of rain, the bees were chompin at the bit to get out.  The warmer weather...

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    Sweet Sophia July Newsletter
  • Squirrels!


    I hate squirrels.   Over the past few years, I have tried almost everything to get them to quit emptying my bird feeders.  I tried the feeders with the wire...

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