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Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

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Royal Jelly is a substance honeybees create to feed baby larvae.  Depending on how much they feed a larvae, nurse bees can even create a queen.  Yep....Royal Jelly has such magical properties that it can create a queen bee capable of laying 1000 + eggs per day.  Sweet eh?  Royal Jelly has amazing properties that range from boosting your immune system to improving collagen levels in skin, to treating diabetes!  What's not to love.  We even source our Royal Jelly the rural remote areas of the Anhui, Hebei, Shandong provinces of mainland China where beekeepers have been producing royal jelly for decades. Many of the families we source our royal jelly from have been keeping bees for three generations or more.

Royal Jelly comes in a 1 oz glass jar.  It should be refrigerated and kept out of direct sunlight.  

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