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Infused Honeys - Ginger
Infused Honeys - Ginger
Sweet Sophia

Infused Honeys - Ginger

$ 6.00

Infused honey come in 8 oz squeeze bottles. This honey has been heated, so it will have lost some of its natural healthy enzymes, but we are after taste alone with these treats! Our pure wildflower honey is already awesome. When it is infused with cinnamon, chilis,  or ginger, it becomes something magical.  

The ginger was chopped fresh and infused into a pot of honey, giving it a candied and sweet flavor rather than a spicy flavor.  Perfect for a cup of tea!  Spread over a fine piece of salmon, this would transform your meal to the next level of yum.  Add a spoon into some sparkling water for your own ginger ale. The possibilities are endless!

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