About Us

Elsa and John Klapperich live in Lake Ridge, VA, just outside of the Nation's Capitol, with their beautiful daughter Sophia, three irritating cats, and about 1,000,000 honey bees. Elsa hails from east Texas, has traveled the world, loves foreign languages and anything that has to do with France.  She is a wickedly talented crafter and one of the premier cupcake bakers in the world (trust me on that!).  John is a retired Green Beret, an amateur beekeeper, an aspiring entrepreneur, and a miserable golfer. Both are avid readers, music lovers, and admirers of nature.

We love quality products from local merchants, and we hope you do too! In fact, we are so sure you will be happy with our stuff, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee.  All of our family and friends have graciously tested our products, and have since become our customers too.  We use as few ingredients as possible and only the highest quality; plus, you will be able to pronounce all of them!