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Our handcrafted soap is made from all-natural saponified (word of the day) oils, beeswax, natural colorants (at least I think they are natural) and fragrance.  They have a PH of 7.8 to 8 so are very mild on the skin.  All of our soaps are chock full of imperfections, which we like to call "unintentional rustic," because we are just figuring out the soaping world.  All of our soaps lather very nicely due to the castor and olive oils inside.

Fresh Montana reminds me of good ole Big Sky country and fresh air.  I close my eyes and imagine sliding into some freshly pressed sheets on a summer day.  Elsa thinks it smells like an indescribable "citrusy - spicy but very fresh" smell.  Whatever it smells like, it's pretty damn good. 

Old Havana smells just like a fresh Cuban cheroot. We had these curing in a storage room for 6 weeks and it smelled just like walking into a humidor.  While not a fan of cigars, I do love the smell of fresh tobacco, and this one nails it! Colored with natural black walnut, this soap exfoliates as well as cleans. Win Win!

Honey and Oatmeal was our first adventure in soap making.  I made colloidal oatmeal, something I had never even heard of before making this!  There are great things going on in this soap.  The smell is very nice and very feminine, and the lather leaves hands feeling quite soft.  

California Dreamin' is a single color of dark antique pink. It has a very unique fragrance that is sure to please. We added calendula blossoms into this soap. Calendula's antibacterial and immunostimulant properties of the plant make it extremely useful in treating slow-healing cuts and cuts in people who have compromised immune systems. The herb stimulates the production of collagen at wound sites and minimizes scarring.

Baker Street is a nod to a favorite literary character, not the chart-topping late 70s snoozer by Gerry Rafferty.  Where Old Havana elicits thoughts of a beachfront sojourn with a fine tumbler of Cruzan, Baker Street transports you to an old London flat filled with books and at least one telescope.  The rich aroma of pipe tobacco accentuates the very nicely lathering addition to your soap collection. 

Colorado Trail  subtly calls out the Bohemian buried deep inside us all.  The beautiful colors remind me of Red Rock and the diverse geological nature along the Colorado Trail.  The fragrance is a soft patchouli, and we have added finely chopped calendula blossoms to promote skin health.

Pineland is a throwback to "the land of the long leaf pine....a summer land where the sun doth shine."  All Green Berets have been there, and this soap is about that heritage.  Pineland has the fresh and fragrant scent of a pine forest and the exfoliating properties of fine pumice.  Viva la Pineland!  

"Brooklyn Barber" Shaving Soap - We have been wanting to make some shaving soap for a while and finally cranked it out.   This soap is cold processed and made with all natural ingredients, including bentonite clay, which adds a whole lot of awesome.  When I smell this soap, I immediately think of an old-time barber shop in New York back in the 20's, hence the name!  I have been using this soap for a couple of weeks now and can attest that it leaves my skin very soft and just feeling good.

Shampoo Bars - Our all natural shampoo bar is perfect for the frequent traveler.  If you get tired of carrying your liquid shampoo, try a solid bar.  We guarantee the cap won't bust and spill shampoo all over your stuff! This looks just like a bar of soap, but it's shampoo!   Have a kid in swimming?  Shampoo bar!  Need a small solution for your travel bag?  Shampoo bar!    Currently, our shampoo bar has a girly scent (one that I would like to smell in my lady's hair), but we will be making additional scents (and Non-Scents)  in the future.  

Pacific Rim is one of my favorite soaps only because it looks and smells totally awesome.  This one has the benefit of activated charcoal to really treat your skin with some solid detox.  In fact, if you have a sassy little brat, you can wash his/her mouth out with this soap and it will absorb any poison they might have ingested too!  What kind of badass soap is that!?!  I will admit though, the charcoal crushes the lather, and I like lather in my soaps!!

When I made Bar Harbor, we went through our normal routine of "what should we call it?"  This soap smells divine and it is colored with spirulina powder...that's right...seaweed.  So we thought of the sea, and we looked at the color and thought...Maine!  So step up and add some chlorophyll to your hygein routine!

Sumatra Sunset is one of our favorite new soaps.  It's colored with oil infused in annatto seeds, and it has finely ground coffee to help exfoliate.  The scent is very earthy with a background of cedar and redwood. 

Marrakesh is just a dream.  This soap is 40% olive oil and contains Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and Tussah Silk just to make this something close to magical.  The Moroccan Clay is mined in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and contains naturally high levels of skin-loving, beneficial minerals and can improve skin tone, texture, elasticity, and clarity while eliminating dryness and flakiness.  The silk makes the lather smooth and creamy.  This is the perfect soap for soft and dry skin.  You are really gonna love this. 

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