Infused Honeys

Our pure wildflower honey is already awesome.  When it is infused with cinnamon, chilis,  or ginger, it becomes something magical.  

The other day, I drizzled some of the cinnamon infused honey over my waffle, and I passed into a special level of Nirvana.  It was that good.  Seriously. 

The ginger was chopped fresh and infused into a pot of honey, giving it a candied and sweet flavor rather than a spicy flavor.  Perfect for a cup of tea!  Spread over a fine piece of salmon, this would transform your meal to the next level of yum.  Add a spoon into some sparkling water for your own ginger ale. The possibilities are endless!

Chili adds just the right yang to the honey's yin.  Drizzle the chile-infused honey over grilled or baked chicken or ribs.   Whenever you want some sweet and spicy, this is the bee's knees. 

Infused honey's come in 8 oz squeeze bottles.  This honey has been heated, so it will have lost some of its natural healthy enzymes, but we are after taste alone with these treats!

$ 6.00

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