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Momma Bee Belly Butter
Sweet Sophia

Momma Bee Belly Butter

$ 15.00


100% natural belly butter is sure to please.  With a combination of butters, oils and beeswax, this stuff will keep your skin soft and pliable and soothe that itchy and stretched out belly.  This formula has two very powerful essential oils - Neroli and Helichrysum - that have incredible healing properties that reduce scarring and stretch marks.  We are not sure, but initial testing indicates that using this awesome belly butter while pregnant will pretty much guarantee your little one's entry into your choice of Ivy League University!*

As with all of our lotions, this product has no preservatives, so we make it to order.  You can expect a shelf life of 3-5 months after your purchase.  This comes in a 4 oz low profile jar.


*Acceptance into that prestigious university is contingent upon 1) Momma Bee's Belly Butter 2) Lots of hard work and studies 3) Super high SAT/ACT scores 4) a whopper of a donation can't hurt either!  

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