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Vapor Rub

(4 customer reviews)

We made these awesome formulas with both adults and children in mind, since not all things are as good for our little ones as they are for the grown ups.

Our kid-formula vapor rub is eucalyptus-free and child-safe! We use gentle and woodsy essential oils, such as fir needle, to help break up stuffy noses, open up congested little lungs for easier breathing and to help soothe a cough.

Our adult formula is a bit more traditional, using eucalyptus, peppermint, and camphor. The strong, penetrating aroma of camphor oil is a powerful decongestant. Eucalyptus also decongests and is a natural expectorant, and peppermint relieves aches and pains associated with colds and flu.

Note – Peppermint or eucalyptus oils should never be used on children under 3 years old. The combination of Peppermint and Eucalyptus can be especially dangerous for infants and toddlers.

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4 Customer Reviews

for Vapor Rub

4 reviews for Vapor Rub

  1. Angie Klaus

    I use this to help with coughs and congestion, especially at bedtime for my kids. Other commercial products I’ve used feel sticky after you apply it, but this really melts in and doesn’t leave a residue.

  2. Mary West

    I live with a stuffed up head due to allergies. This stuff is wonderful to help me breathe at night without the stickiness of the commercial brand.

  3. Robyn Fulk

    I bought the adult vapor rub after coming down with a cold and my nose was super congested. I rubbed some under my nose and on my chest and was pleasantly surprised by the quick relief I received…I will be stocking up on this and telling all my friends about this…Great job!

  4. Christie

    Love these products! Slather all over chest & feet for near immediate soothing results. Both versions smell beautiful and the consistency melts right into skin. Highly recommend for families concerned with the bad “junk” in traditional drug store versions.

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