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Sweet Sophia July Newsletter

  Happy Birthday America!! What a crazy summer it's been so far!  After a solid month of rain, the bees were chompin at the bit to get out.  The warmer weather prompted them to expand rapidly in the hives, and there were swarms aplenty.  Thankfully, a lot of people called their...

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I hate squirrels.   Over the past few years, I have tried almost everything to get them to quit emptying my bird feeders.  I tried the feeders with the wire cage.  I watched in dismay as the squirrels would swing on the bottom of the feeder like a Cirque de...

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Sweet Sophia May Newsletter

What do May showers bring?  I think we need to consider building an Arc! I can hardly believe that as I write this we are on day 15 of continuous rain, and there doesn't seem to be a break in sight for another week!  YUK!  So what does that mean...

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Sweet Sophia March Newsletter

  Spring has sprung...finally! February came and went and I failed to get a newsletter out.  I will blame it on leap year…and we have been busier than a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  We were, however, able to get our second book published (YAY!)....

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Cinnamon Infused Creamed Honey

  Creamed honey, also known as whipped or spun honey, is awesome!  People ask us all the time about it, and once they try it, it is usually in the shopping cart straight away!  So what is it?  Well, it's just crystalized honey, but the crystallization is forced. All raw...

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Welcome to Sweet Sophia

Welcome to Sweet Sophia!  We are committed to quality, hand-made products and sustainable beekeeping.  All of our products are from our own or other local apiaries.   Please take a few minutes to shop around for that perfect gift for friends or family.  You might just find something you want for yourself!

If you are unsure that you want to buy a product, just ask for a sample!