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Infused Honey

(4 customer reviews)

Awesome honey infusions. Note that we cook this honey to the point of pasteurization, so our infused honey is no longer “Raw.” It is, however, delicious.


4 Customer Reviews

for Infused Honey

4 reviews for Infused Honey

  1. Mark

    What a way to indulge in sweet cinnamon goodness. This stuff should simply be called awesome sauce. I used it to make cinnamon rolls and will never make them any other way. I also use it to sweeten my green tea. What a treat!

  2. Mary Young

    Delicious! I am almost out and I don’t want to use it because then I won’t have anymore. Saving the last drops for a rainy day, which just might be this weekend. Thank you!

  3. Nicole

    OMG! The Cinnamon flavored honey is good. I am a coffee drinker who switched to tea for a week just so I could have more of this honey!

  4. Mary West

    I used the cinnamon honey in my hot cereal and it’s great.

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