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Creamed Honey

(4 customer reviews)

Creamed honey is honey that is forced to crystallize with super tiny crystals. This produces a thick and creamy texture in the honey, making it spreadable with the consistency of smooth peanut butter. It’s perfect for toast, biscuits, or any other use for a honey spread! Also, since it is thick, it doesn’t spill, making a perfect compliment for tables with clumsy children.

Our creamed honey comes in our awesome Wildflower flavor and in our exceptionally popular Cinnamon Infused Wildflower honey. Whether you are keeping this for yourself or giving as a gift, this is surely a product you will want more of!

We are now packaging all of our creamed honey in 14 oz (weight) fully recyclable containers.


4 Customer Reviews

for Creamed Honey

4 reviews for Creamed Honey

  1. Mark

    I ordered the Cinnamon-infused Creamed Honey for my wife. I’ve never been much of a honey eater myself. But she loved it immediately and insisted that I try it. Well, now I’m hooked and we fight over it. It’s great on biscuits. My biscuit and gravy days are OVER. It’s also great on a spoon, right from the jar. Our daughters love it, too.

  2. Joe K.

    This stuff is DELICIOUS!!! It is going fast in our home and will absolutely be re-stocked in our cupboard! We love this stuff!

  3. Bonnie

    This honey is out of this world. It melts into my cup of tea. So delicious.

  4. Debbie

    The cinnamon infused creamed honey is absolutely delicious and a wonderful alternative to regular honey when you want more of a spread for hot biscuits or fresh bread. This is a keeper in my pantry!

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