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Cracked Skin Balm

After steeping Calendula blossoms, plantain leaf, and St. John’s Wort in olive oil for several weeks and mixing in beeswax and skin-healing essential oils, we are thrilled to offer our cracked skin balm. We have tested this product on old-school, cracked and leathery soldier’s feet, and can attest that our all natural formula works well. What does this combination of herbs offer? Calendula blossoms are well known for their healing abilities, and plantain leaf is believed to reduce irritation. St. John’s Wort can speed the healing process of burns, bruises, and scrapes by stimulating circulation of oxygenated blood to those skin cells so that repairs can begin.

Our Cracked Skin Balm comes in a 2 oz. twist up deodorant tube for clean and easy application. We recommend application at least twice per day, particularly after bathing. For cracked hands, apply at night then wear a non-permeable (latex, nitrile, etc) glove – this really seems to work well!

Ingredients: Olive oil (steeped in Calendula, Plantain, and St John’s Wort), Beeswax, Mango Butter, Vitamin E, Propolis, and a blend of Pine Needle, German Chamomile, Lavender, Geranium, and Tea Tree Essential Oils.


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