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Raw Wildflower Honey

(7 customer reviews)

Local honey from Northern Virginia. Our bees travel over 50,000 miles and visit 2 Million flowers to make one pound of honey. Our honey is not pasteurized, so it retains all of the healthy properties that the bees meant to have in it.

No additives, no processing, just pure honey from the beehives!

Our honey took 1st place in the 2018 Prince William County Fair!


7 Customer Reviews

for Raw Wildflower Honey

7 reviews for Raw Wildflower Honey

  1. Nicole

    Our family has been sick for a week! This honey has been a godsend! It’s delicious with tea and straight on the spoon. We just ordered more!

  2. Monica Rada

    I ordered 2 jars of honey the first time and gave one to my daughter. Big mistake! We went through the first jar really quickly as my husband had pneumonia at Christmas and drank tea with honey every day. It really helped. Now that he is healthy, I can use it for cooking. I recently made cornbread muffins and used Sweet Sophia honey as the sweetener. They were wonderful!! I have just restocked with my new order. I fear I should have ordered more. John and Elsa are so quick getting orders out, something I really appreciate!

  3. Lynne Aylest

    I was visiting my mother-in-law in northern VA during the blizzard. Her sweet neighbors (Nicole & Jen) gave her a bottle of honey. It was the best honey I have ever tasted. Before I left to head home to SC, I asked if they had some I could buy. They gave me a bottle also! I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I love your honey! Thanks to Nicole and Jen for sharing!

  4. Nancy Micha

    I am thrilled to have found a local beekeeper who produces amazing pure raw honey. It is great to know that the nutritional value of Sweet Sophia honey is maintained, since it is not processed like most honey that is purchased in grocery stores. And the small amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids is a real plus!
    So far I have used the honey in making a salad dressing and drizzled it onto pancakes and waffles, instead of maple syrup. Perhaps my favorite use is to swirl it into plain greek yogurt, add walnut pieces and top with fresh berries. Delicious!

  5. Andy

    I just received my 2nd order. This honey is just great. It made just miles from my house so I know it has the pollen etc. that is local to me. It is a great tasting product. I used to get another VA honey but it was made further south and cost a lot more. So happy I found Sweet Sophia. Plus John and family are great. They respond to questions etc very quickly and are so easy to deal with and accommodating. Thank you keep it up… Andy

  6. V. Adraktas

    This honey could be eaten as a meal. I love it so much I’m soon going on the automatic delivery schedule. I’ve never had much interest in honey, but this product has changed that completely!

  7. Amy

    I have been looking for local VA honey for a while and I’ve been researching and asking around. I came across Sweet Sophia and I am SO thrilled with their honey. I use honey exclusively for my coffee and I have tried many others (both commercially made and out-of-state local) but Sweet Sophia has to be one of the best that I have found. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have just placed my second order of honey, including some other products that you offer as well. I have also spread the word to my friends to give you a try.

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